Environmental Advocate Wes Golomb Launches Redesigned Website, Sharing Insights on Energy Conservation

The Energy Geek is thrilled to announce the launch of its redesigned website, showcasing Wes Golomb’s extensive knowledge and experience in energy efficiency, environmental advocacy, and climate change. With over 40 years of commitment to the cause, Wes Golomb has become a trusted authority in the field.

Wes Golomb, a renowned environmental advocate and college professor for over 35 years, has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement since helping organize the first Earth Day in Boston. With a deep understanding of energy consumption, Wes Golomb has successfully implemented efficiency measures, resulting in significant improvements in various projects, such as the town offices in Deerfield, NH. The recommendations led to a remarkable:

  • 45% improvement in heating costs
  • 57% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 15% decrease in electricity consumption
  • 13% overall return on investment
  • 55% return on investment specifically for lighting upgrades

To further share his expertise and empower individuals and organizations to make a positive impact, Wes Golomb offers valuable resources and services through The Energy Geek website. These include:

  1. “Warm and Cool Homes” Book + Video Series: A comprehensive resource for anyone spending over $500 a year on heating, cooling, and electricity. The book, available in paperback for $29.99 + shipping, provides access to a full video series featuring in-depth topic discussions, on-site exploration, and interviews with net-zero homeowners.
  2. Speaking Engagements: Organizations can book Wes Golomb to speak at events, benefiting from his wealth of knowledge and inspiring insights gained from his environmental advocacy and teaching experiences.
  3. Workshops: Choose from existing workshops or collaborate with Wes Golomb to design a custom workshop tailored to specific needs. Workshop topics include “Saving Money and Energy In Your Home,” “Climate Simulation Workshops,” “The History and Science of Climate Change,” and “The Potential of Renewable Energy.” Customization options ensure an optimal learning experience for various organizations and age groups.

The Energy Geek’s redesigned website provides a user-friendly platform for visitors to access valuable information, resources, and services. To learn more and take advantage of the expertise offered by The Energy Geek, please visit https://nhenergygeek.org/

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